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Interview with Eric Canfield

Great interview/discussion. Glad you met him and shared this with us. This is important to me as I know a burnt out pastor. I met Eric a few weeks ago at the Denver Fly Fishing Show and really enjoyed talking to him. His enthusiasm is as real in person as it came out in the podcast. Thanks guys, stay safe.


Spent the last month catching up from episode #1 and I have loved every minute of it. The content is always excellent. There is something for everyone, even if you don’t fish or aren’t a dad. I’m so glad to see a great, wholesome podcast from just “regular” guys. Keep up with the great content!

Pam and Joe

Loved it! Pam and I are passionate about faith in Christ, fly fishing and strong families! Pam and I even taught a summer school fly fishing class for years! We love seeing kids getting into the outdoors!

Refreshing and Enjoyable

I have really enjoyed the thoughts in this podcast. The podcast gives me encouragement that there are fathers spending time outdoors with their children. Nothing can replace the time a child spends with their father. Thank you for reminding us of that.

The most refreshing podcast on fly fishing

As a fly angler / mom (and consumer of many fishing pods), I may not be this show’s target audience. Still, I’m drawn to this show for how refreshing and relatable these two dad hosts are. Josh and Caleb have such a wonderful, humble approach to the sport, which in the beginning, can feel not so welcoming to newcomers. There’s so much heart in this show, and while it leaves you dreaming up your next fishing adventure - as a fishing pod should - it also helps you remember WHY we love to fly fish: it’s about the people and memories made together in beautiful places.

Unique perspective on fly fishing, parenting

I really appreciate these guys perspective on podcasting within Flyfishing. They both have such a passion for getting into the sport, how to maintain your passion for fly fishing during the family transition, and how to get your and kids into the sport. Really unique, valuable and entertaining!

Focused on things that matter

I love the podcast. I am a complete beginner just getting into fly fishing and I have a 16 month old son and these guys and the conversations they have are really helpful. They are down to earth guys who know what matters in life and they try to be intentional in being dads, anglers and men of faith. I’m 30 episodes in and can’t thank these guys enough for all that I have learned through this podcast. I hope they keep on keeping on for a long time. However after 30 episodes I still haven’t heard josh play a guitar…definitely need to fill that void to make this podcast perfectly well rounded. Inquiring musicians wanna know.

An inspiring podcast that speaks my language

I never miss an episode of Dads on the fly. Three pillars that they are built on faith , family and fishing are the pillars of my daily life. Fishing isn’t about the fish. Keep up the good work

Dads on the fly

They may be my cousins but dads on the fly is a great podcast that has helped encourage me on many things regarding my faith. And if you ever find yourself in western North Carolina, they can put you on a lot of fish. Hope every one enjoys!

Well balanced & easy listen!

Josh & Caleb approach the podcast with a relaxed conversational approach to discuss fishing while keeping the heart of the hobby (family) top of mind. There is no sacrifice

Conversations About the Things We Love

These guys discuss all the things we hold dear. They use fly fishing a gateway to discuss even more important topics like faith and family. Always a good listen and full of info for your family and fly fishing endeavors.

Faith, Family, and Fly Fishing

Listened to a few episodes to start, mostly because I was looking for a new fly fishing podcast. However, Episode 37 Doing the Hard Things is what sold me. Loved the discussion on being passionate about the things you love with faith and family being most important. The guys are relatable and clearly love what they are doing. Keep up the great work and I look forward to each of the new podcasts.

Fun and informative

Came across this pod a few weeks ago. I’m currently completely caught up, listen to and from work. Even pm’d a question and was answered with great info. If you love fly fishing, Christ, and your children this is the place to be. Thanks guys!

Love the podcast!

Just recently came across this pod and love it. Down to earth brothers talking about faith, family and fly fishing. As a new father myself (daughter is 3 months old) I enjoy tuning in and listening to the weekly podcasts. Can’t wait to get my girl out on the water one day. Cheers from Austin, TX!

Great podcast

Appreciate the podcast. Most recent episode resonates with me. My daughter loves to camp and loves the mountains of WNC. I’m glad her and I share that together.

Awesome guys!

Ep. 30 really resonated with me! 2 years ago I have decided that fly fishing would be my only hobby. While I have also gotten married just 2 years ago, have a few flip houses I’m working on, involved heavily in my church and trying to get my fly fishing YouTube channel consistent, I have gained some valuable advice about trying to juggle and balance the responsibilities and necessities of life with my one and only hobby that I plan to immerse myself into. Couldn’t listen to enough of there podcast. I’m sure one day when I have children I will hopefully be a foot ahead of myself had I not listened. Tight lines! YT: @ Blue Liner Fly Fishing

Fresh new podcast that the industry needed!

These guys were an absolute blast to talk to! The perspective that they come into this as a relatively new angler and weekend warrior can really connect the new people entering the fly fishing world. I can’t wait to listen to more!


Good informative topics, I actually have learned some stuff.

Honest and real

Dads on the Fly is one of my favorite podcasts and not because of the three topics they focus on: faith, family, and fishing. Its exceptionalism comes from the humility and honesty with which both brothers approach each and every topic, from spot burning and catching as many fish as possible to taking their kids fishing and learning patience. I feel as if I’m sitting in their kitchen listening to old friends talk about the topics I’m passionate about and can’t wait to hear what they’re going to talk through next. Keep it up guys, love listening to you, and learning from you.

Great Podcast!

Love the podcast boys! You two come across very genuine and I think a lot of us out here trying to balance water time and fatherhood can relate.

Worth checking out.

Really enjoy the down to earth, Everyman approach to fly fishing these guys take. Lots of laughs and some great information!

Awesome podcast

Great podcast for anyone. Whether you fish or not there is something for you in this show. These guys are not afraid to tell their secrets and want everyone to be able to enjoy fishing like they do and have lots of original ideas as well.

Outstanding Podcast

Blending the ideas of family, parenting and lessons learned in fly fishing into real value added conversation between highly passionate anglers and devoted family men. Wonderful listen and down to earth conversations. No egos. Appreciation for the journey and progress.

From one Dad on the fly to another

As a fellow dad, North Carolinian and fisherman, I can absolutely relate to what you guys are talking about each week. I enjoy your perspectives on each topic. Thanks for allowing us to share in your journey as parents and as fishermen. While I know you guys primarily fish for trout, I’d invite you to also explore bass, panfish and even carp as they make for tremendous fly fishing experiences. (Especially if you are getting your kids involved in fishing). Regards, Dave Brown Greenville, NC

Fly Fishing. Faith. Fatherhood. Fantastic.

Always enjoy listening to these guys hit all three of their topics in episode after episode. They’ve got a passion for helping their listeners grow as fishermen and fathers. They’re down to earth and easy to listen to the subjects at hand. Be sure to subscribe.

God, dads and flyfishing

It’s not the Holy Trinity, but pretty close! Definitely a trifecta. I look forward to and enjoy this podcast every week. It’s amazing how all three flow through and blend into our everyday lives.

The last unique idea

I thought there were no original ideas left. Caleb and Joshua proved me wrong! I love the premise of the podcast and these men are the real deal! I can’t wait to see where this venture goes.

Encouraging Listen

Not a dad or a fly fisherman here but still enjoyed listening to the two guys talking about real life. I may be prejudiced because I may be related but it is inspiring to hear these two guys talk about real life. Excited to hear where this podcasts heads in the future.

Great show for all men!

Love this show and the conversational approach. Wisdom and insights for every man. Whether you just like to talk fly fishing or are looking for authentic discussions about fatherhood and faith—this podcast is for you. Keep it coming guys!

Fun, Uplifting, and Helpful (even as someone who has never once held a fly rod)

So exited to see where this podcast continues to go as the episodes unfold. Hearing Caleb and Joshua talk about the reality of what it means to live life “on the fly” from the river to parenthood… it was relatable even as someone who has never once stepped in the water with a rod. (Maybe one day… I’ll go when Laura goes.. haha). Parenthood is a journey and so thankful to have dads willing to share about it authentically.